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Hyderabad, Jan 27 (
France came forward to set up a 'tramway' in twin towns. The French delegates said they are ready to build a tramway in the city. They can reduce the pollution, save the natural resources and make the tramway in less space.


The French technology is credible in public transport, they explained to CS. Government general secretary SP Singh said that there are widespread opportunities to improve the public transport system in the city with the private sector. Hyderabad has historic areas and over 400 years history is in Hyderabad. He suggested that the transport system should be built to cover tourism areas. The city has a wide range of roads and metro rail is under construction and the Pilibhit method of transport projects will be organized by FIFA Studies. The pilot will operate the RTC Smart Transport System pilot project in cooperation with France to facilitate traffic control and RTC passengers. France Consulat Jean Marx, Lumiephon and Ixi negotiations with delegates.

 When the Chief Minister KSR Hyderabad is making a universal enthusiasm, people and RTC passengers will be able to overcome the problem of traffic. In the first phase, the buses will be set up for 40 buses in the first phase of vehicle tracking in the city buses in Greater city. Solar power driven displays will be provided in the city's bushes, such as Kothi and Mehdi Pattanam, providing accurate information for passengers and bus services. Future procedures depend on its performance, hoping the pilot project will succeed.