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Nalgonda, Jan 27, (
About 60,000 quintal HMT grains from Bihar have reached rice mills in Mirealaguda town. About 60,000 quintals of mills from Bihar have been loaded into lorries and moved to their mills. It was found that the MMRGs were purchased at HMT for Rs 2,000 per quintal in Bihar.
                                  MILLER'S INTEREST ON BIHAR RICE PURCHASES

Farmers are concerned that the ricemillers are not interested in the purchase of grains grown in the Nagarjuna Sagar left calorie area and imported from Bihar. . Miller said that they had purchased about 17% moisture content in HMT. In the same Nagarjuna Sagar left calm area, HMT grains are available at 25 per cent of the grains, which is cheaper, quality and well-dried grain is available in Bihar.

 Thus the farmers of Miregalguda, Tripura, Vembunupalli and Damaracharla in Aayakattai area said that they did not buy the grain they had harvested and the mills were struggling to buy. Farmers have fallen in the mills for several days. Farmers have been discharged by the state government for granting permission from the other states to provide local food.