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Dandupalyam director tollywood debut sharwanand

Young hero Sharvanand who is well known for acting with different films will be ready for another experiment. Shravya will be doing a movie with director Srinivas Raju in South India.Director Srinivas Raja himself declared this. Srinivas Raju, who recently released the Dust 3 trailer, went on to make Straight Telugu movie shortly. He is very happy to have his debut Telugu movie directed by Sharvanand.

Srinivas Raju who spoke to the media on this occasion says, "My composition of the film is a crime thriller like Shravana, Dandupalayam, which is currently being played by family films like Shatammanam Bhatti and Mahanubhavudu.The film that will be screened in our combinations will receive those predictions. Isisima Sharvand's career will be a huge film. The movie will be directed by Srinivas Raju as soon as the movie is completed by Hanu Raghavpady directed by Sarvanandi.