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Hike wallet crosses 10 million transactions month

The hi-tech wallet of domestic messaging app hi-tech will climb into transactions. Hike Messenger announced Thursday that this wallet crossed crores of rupees per month. It said it was registering a 100 percent monthly. The company said in a statement that 70 percent recharges and another 30 percent is peer-to-peer.In the first quarter of 2018, the hike is looking to provide more services. Cab booking, bus, train, movie tickets, payment of bills, etc.

'Hike wallet growth is substantial. We have launched the updated design to suit this growth. Hike is easy to recognize the services and updated the design to perform transactions. More services are available to their users. We're working hard for booking tickets and movie tickets on a flat platform. We will start this in the next quarter of the year, "said Hyde Messenger CEO and founder Kavin Bharti Mittal.

Earlier this month, the social features were added to the groups. The first feature in this is the vote. This feature can put user polls in group chat. Next feature is Split Bill. This allows friends to share their bills in the group. Similarly, you can get money through a hike wallet.