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Tammineni veerabhadram announces bahujan left front 31 allies

Veerabhadram announced on Tuesday that the CPI (M) leader had formed the Bahujan Front Front with 31 parties. He spoke Tuesday at the conference in Khammam district. Veerabhadram said that the Communist and Socialist countries were damaged at the international level.Communist parties have suffered some damage in the country and even in the state. At present, the country's political climate has changed substantially and it is a good opportunity to show the strength of the red flag.

In Gujarat elections, people say Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not taken a good time. This is an example of BJP's restrictions on the 99 seats from 165 seats. In Telangana, TRS and Congress are the alternatives to the CPI (M) to go to the next election. He will contest 119 seats in Telangana. While discussing with the left parties to join the front, the CPI has not accepted it.

He also said that the CPI would expect to come to the front. We would like to announce on January 28 that the coalition is being nominated as the 'Bahujan Left Front'. In Telangana, social justice and state are going to struggle to achieve a thriving goal.