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Hyderabad January 22 (
Telangana Medical Health Department has received another National Award. Prior to receiving several national awards and rewards, the medical department received another award. The Computer Society of India (CSI) awarded annually to the Nilenth E-Governance Award 2012 for Telangana State Government Medical Health Family Welfare Department at the Best E-governance State-Award of Recognition (Health and Well Being). The state of Telangana has been awarded with the award. The award was presented by a medical health welfare commissioner, Wakati Karuna, on behalf of the Telangana Government at a function in Kolkata. West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra and Rajesh Deputy Deputy Speaker Rajendra Singh received the award.


The Department of Medical Health has been implementing and implementing several new schemes in the direction of TMCCR following the creation of Telangana. The Medical Health Department has been working hard to provide infrastructure and medical facilities and provide better medical care to the public. So that increased Op, IP. Many reforms have been introduced, such as KCR Kits, Unmol, RBS K With Power BI, NHM Payroll, Aadhaar connectivity, Hospitals, HMIS, E-HR, NCD, Supportive Supervisor, Staff Monitoring and IT Initiatives. Some more reforms are coming. In this context, the Computer Society of India Jury selected the Telangana Medical Health Service.
Since 2002, the organization has been selected by the states that have achieved success in governance and announce awards. The award will be awarded to states which have created the best computer application in this Governance. Will this ward be announced by the company in view of sustainable development and overall progress in the state. The CSI Nilayent Survey has made it clear that the government will provide services to governments, public sector organizations and people in various states as part of the governance. Information collected. Later announced awards. This is the award given to our state.

The CSI congratulated the IT department's cooperation in providing better medical treatment to the patients in Telangana state. The Computer Society of India congratulated the Medical Health Department on the award of the award for public health services and the award for transparency.
Wakati Karuna, Commissioner of Family Welfare said, "There is a direction and emphasis on the direction of CM KCR and Medical Health Minister Dr C Lakshmaredi, She gave the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister and Minister, who gave her a great deal of appreciation for the various programs they had taken. Also, congratulations to their department, especially IT officials and staff.