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East Godavari, January 10 ( the eastern part of Kodiyam district, the flowering gardens are limited to the area. Farmers cultivating chamomile flowers, kanakambara and ball plantations in colorful colors of over a hundred acres in the villages of Rangampetta Mandap.

In Pune, special training is done to build a polyhouse and grow flowers and flower industries. Hartyplint can quickly grow in any atmosphere, and filter water is not exhaustive. The flowers are usually black seedlings grown in the soil. But the farmers are saying that our lands also do not get rid of the spraying of the flowers in the bushy area of ​​the drinking water.

From the nursery to the crop, McCulls looked at the atmospheric regulatory approach, like the ICU in the hospital ... Here the educated people are taking care of the plantation. Earlier in the field there was a small field farm. However, new farmers have come up with drip irrigation and many farmers are interested in flowering. Currently, the prices in the market are also beneficial to the farmers. Farmers of the villages in the Rangampetta are proof that gold is going to be the same with modernity. Flower cultivation is a good source of income and is ideal for other farmers.