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Washington January 19 (
Apple said it will invest about $ 22 billion ($ 350 billion) in the next five years. The company said it would provide 20,000 new jobs. The company agreed to pay another two million euros ($ 38 billion) in taxes.
                                    IN THE US,APPLE HAS INVESTED RS 22 LAKH CRORE

Apple has also announced that a large amount of tax has never been paid. It is also being expressed that the Trump government will impress. Donald Trump also tweeted Apple's announcement. His policies are turning the companies like Apple back to the country.

He tweeted that this was a success for America and the country's workers. With the introduction of changes in tax laws, large companies have been promising to invest their income in the country. The Trump Government has decided to collect only 15.5 per cent tax on companies paying taxes simultaneously. Apple's company has also stepped up to the trump's intentions. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple has a distinct position in the United States and it is proud to be able to strengthen the country's economy. Apple operates around 84,000 people across the country.