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Medak, January 10, ( municipality authorities are working to select the government's charity survey. If this scheme is chosen, there will be more funds from the center for the development of Medak town. Medak town is beautifully decorated. Already in the town wall paintings are beautifully decorated with paintings with special sanitarian quotations. Officials have been working to develop Medak town as an open residual urinary exhaust town.

In the town, it is promoting innovative places at garbage and toilet places. People are fully aware of the use of toilets in the past as never before. The main climbing roads in the town are being cleaned at garbage and putting the garbage away and trying to make people change. Awareness programs are being set up in the wards as part of the Purpose Survey. Already distributed wet and dry rubbish baskets under the guidance of Medak Municipality. Wet and dry waste should be dumped, and the garbage from houses should be put in a garbage dump. Where the waste is spreading, the boats are set up in public places and the municipalities are cleaned and cleaned. The vermi compost shed was set up in the subdivision of the suburb.

 The wet and dry garbage is distinguished by making the vermicompost. The municipality also receives income. From now on, we are encouraged to distinguish wet and dry garbage collecting in Medak. Furthermore, officials are scrambling on plastic use. Plastics are caused by losses in the town. Medak municipality has already been designated as a plastic-free town. People are aware of the specialty printed stickers that do not have urine exhaustion in the open areas. In particular, the Municipal Mempha staff and RP are conducting awareness programs in the town. Municipal officials claim that plastic dustbins will be set up separately.

The municipal staff is providing facilities for keeping the city clean. Madek is being promoted in the wards of the town. Where the toilet is picked up is Rs 500 fine. The municipal staff members are in the city with the big bazaar, Nawabupeta and Bastand in the town. Everybody who builds toilets advises them to use them. Particularly in the town of Ramdas Chaura, claiming to take advantage of the Sulab Complex, set up in the market area. There is no need to urinate in public places anywhere. Urban suburbs have been constructed at every home to take care of the people in urban areas.