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Kadapa, January 18, (
The new inventions will have to lay the foundation for the student stage. Experimental education is being taught in Inter. Lack of instructors, laboratories, equipment and chemicals is not a funding for the students.

This makes them experimental education distant. Experiments have become less stringent due to staff shortages in government colleges. There are criticisms that private colleges do not have access to the students due to lack of labs and equipment, neglect of management. Some of the laboratories are cosmetic. From February 1 to 21 inter-tests will be conducted. Approximately 18356 people will attend. Seventeen exam centers have been selected for them by Regional Inter-Education Professionals S. Ravi said.

 Students' examinations will be conducted in jabling mode. Students and their parents have the idea of ​​not getting seats in the next courses unless they have good marks in practices and examinations. Approximately 3600 people are ready to test inter-courses. Authorities say that the junior college of girls, junior college, ANM and BR (Pratibha) college, Padmavathi junior college, CE Raju, Kakatiya, Archana, SBT and Virabhadra colleges have been set up in the village. . In some colleges the equipment is poor, and in some cases laboratories appear to be decorative. In the past year, the students also conducted practical jambling practice for inter-students, and fears how students can do the tests and how to write the tests and how to practice the practice. Many have demanded to cancel the jumping method.