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Hyderabad, Jan 18, (
The woman was admitted to a hospital with fever and was suffering from orthodoxy and the victims alleged that she had been hospitalized for two days.
                    TREATMENT FOR CORPSE

The incident took place in Kutublapur. The family members were admitted to Narayana Hridayalaya hospital in Sutaram, Kutublapur, a week ago when she was suffering from Vermaani fever of Jagannur district, Sangar Reddy district. The doctors told the family that the patient was told to take the morning off the next morning.

The heroine has a problem with the kid including the problem, and some complaints. Veeramani's relatives said the money was paid for a week by treating them. On seeing the patient, he was forced to leave the patient. She is bleeding from the nose and ears. The victims expressed their disappointment as to what kind of response they had to answer. On Wednesday, doctors wrote medicines that the patient was dead. The victims alleged that the film was reprimanded to pay a dead body of Rs 65,000. He said that he had earned fees for the death of the deceased.