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Warangal, February 26, (way2newstv.com):
Let me go ahead .. I will be as a memory for future generations..... no more  my direct signs. 132 years old is mine. At the age of 1886, From then on, the foundation stone of the foundation remains intact. In the British era, when I was constructed, I was named SUBATA to the area where I was constructed. Qutub Shahi is a good center for four districts when I was divided by the Qutub Shahis for governance, Today, the Telangana state has been creating a new building complex in my place and the rulers feel that it is inevitable. Many people, many cases, calculations, digits, numbers, and numbers are justified by my wish as a seat. I do not look for everyone who works for the rights, but I do not look for employees in the new building cluster. I do not have my signs except my memories. My history remains to be remembered for future generations. I am reminded of the responsibility of presenting my existence to future generations. You are responsible for keeping them sweet memories! No more.