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Nizamabad, February 2, (
Fertilizer companies have decided to increase fertilizer prices. This will make the farmers more burdened. Raising the price of fertilizers on the other hand, the farmers are concerned that the state government will provide financial assistance of Rs 4,000 per acre in the coming kharif. Diesel and complex fertilizer prices have been hiked by the rise in international market prices. With fertilizers and pesticide prices rising over two years, farming has become a burden to farmers. Dealers say a one-to-one urea and complex price rise from February 1. It will increase up to Rs 2,600 per tonne and Rs 2,240 per tonne of copper fertilizers.

                                                   INCREASED FERTILIZER PRICES

Currently BTA DAP will be raised from Rs 1,083 to Rs 1213. 28: 28: 0 The complex fertilizer is Rs 1122, which is going to rise to Rs 1234. At least Rs. There seems to be a hundredfold. The rising cost of farming has become a burden on farmers for the day. From the land lease prices, the agricultural expenditures, including seeds and fertilizers, have become burdensome to farmers. The cost of cultivation for cotton farmers is about Rs 30 thousand. This year, pink cotton farmers and white rice farmers drowned.

 Paddy and cotton yields have been significantly reduced with the effect of the insecticide. Fifty per cent of the farmers have not been able to go to investments. In this year the area under cultivation is 1,17,918 hectares, while in Kharif, 1,17,918 hectares are cultivated, 87,118 hectare cotton, 12,495 hectares, 8281 hectare paddy, 3445 are cultivated in rice and other crops. Hectares soya, 1566 hectares of sorghum, 977 hectares, 1477 hectares, 426 hectares, 40 hectares of peanut, 152 ha Seeds of pepper and 26 hectares of vegetable crops were cultivated. In Rabi, 2312 hectares of maize, 1419, kandi 236, mint 12, pes 191, peanut 1587 and paddy 1616 hectares are cultivated. Acreage for crop cultivation requires three bags of urea, DAP 1, complex 1 and potash 1. In this count, a barely Rs one hundred hundred per cent of the population gets a burden of Rs.6.65 crore per annum across the district.