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Medak, February 24 (

The Government has taken steps to reorganize the districts for administrative convenience and set up new districts in the same order to initiate new gram panchayats. According to government guidelines, Panchayati Raj Department officials reviewed the field and proposed new proposals with detailed information on the proposed new gram panchayaths, including demographics, land reclamation, maps and financial resources.Currently, 320 panchayats have been in the district and proposals to the government for the formation of 151 panchayats in the joint 15 zones. Chief Minister KCR announced that tribals would be converted into Panchayats with more than 500 population during the last Assembly elections. After the reorganization of the districts, the government focused on the formation of new panchayats. In October last year, Panchayati Raj and Revenue Authority of the Panchayati Raj has been identified as Panchayats of 500 villages of the present Panchayat, In this regard, the proposals submitted to the government for the creation of 142 gram panchayats in the district to consider the views and suggestions of the respective constituencies.The proposals were not approved. The Chief Minister has ordered a fresh report on the creation of new gram panchayats in the recently held collectors' conference. More than 1.5 km from the current Panchayat, 500 populations and villages should be considered. The Panchayati Raj Department  has been constituted with the  details of the geographical features, boundaries, land, survey, survey numbers, maps, population, financial resources of the proposed villages of all the districts. A thorough review of the proposals from all the zones, the list of eligible hordes and villages, has been submitted to the government. The proposals for creation  151 new Gram panchayats across the district, most of which have 17 of the total Kawdipally Mandal. There are already 28 panchayats in the zone.


Similarly, in Narsapur Mandal, 19 new and 16 new Shivampeta Mandal, 24 newly proposed 15 panchayats. In Medak 13, Papannapeta small shankarpalli 12, 11 in Techmal, 10 in Veldurthi,Thupran , 8 in Ramayampeta chegunta, 6 in Regoad, 5 in Kolcharam  and pedda shankarpalli 5 ,  and 3 for Alladurgam for new panchayats. The tenure of the current panchayat governments will come to an end next July. The panchayat election process is to be started two months before. In view of this, the Government has been in the forefront of the implementation of the new panchayat process.