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Hyderabad February 21 (
Nirup Bhandari has said that his brother Anup Bhandari's direction has a lot of fun happenings during filming 'Rajaratham', which is a beautiful love story. Nirup recalled the incident when 'College Days' from Rajaratham took her into her college days.During college days, Nurup and his friends often accompanied him to go to an abandoned house at Samundi Hills in Mysore. There are ghosts that revolve, and many people say that they have seen them. Nirup, along with his friends, went there on an old estate car. That car takes time to start. So if anything happened, the car engine was kept in the running without stopping. Nurup remembered the fun (prank) work he once did. When he went there, Nirup recalled that the car lights, which he wanted, turned off the car and started playing the car.


Nirup shared a similar fact that happened during filming 'College Days' in 'Rajaratham'. There is a scene from the poster of 'Nirup' in the 'College Days' song. Srivasthava does not know that it is being used by the actual posts. Nirup told me that he had been forced to shake them off, but when he saw Srividya, he felt that Srivasthava seemed to be dazzling and he was all nervous at the set.Another interesting thing is that Nurup was not a member of Anup's friends who were ragging in college. Nurup recalled that shooting ragging scenes were very fun, throwing basketball on seniors, carrying buckets for them, and shooting at the basketball front and stomachs sometimes.