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Actors: Ravi Teja .. Rashekna .. Sireath Kapoor .. Suhasini .. Muralisarma .. Satyam Rajesh .. Vennela Kishore .. Jayaprakash .. Freddy Daruwala and others.
Music: Jam 8, Mani Sharma
Story: Vakkanta Vamsi
Producers: Nallamara Srinivas (Buzzze), Vallabhneeni Vamsi
Director: Vikram Siriroda.
Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja has recently made films in mind. Raja raised the speed again with The Great Success. Only three months after the release of 'Raja the Great', Ravi Teja's movie 'Touch and Look' This time with the author Vikram Siriroda made this movie. Who touched the massive films made by Ravi Teja? How did Raviteja once again react to the police?

                                               PICTURE:  TOUCH AND SEE REVIEW

Story: Karthikeya (Ravi Teja) is the world of her family. The bond between the people gives importance. A company in Pondicherry will be happy with his family. Meanwhile, his sister sees a murderer. Karthikeya says that he will give evidence in the case. He falls in the attempt to find out the murder of the murder victim Irfanlala (Freddy Durwala). But police records that Karmikea had earlier killed Irfanlala. Kartikeya also starts hunting him. The original Karthikeya to Irfan to Lingtei ..? What is Karthikeya? In the life of the flower (rahakkhanna) divya (seratkapur) how things look on the screen ...How is it: Ravi Teja style with a mass masala formula? The story is written in the pakka commercial elements. The Story, however, does not have much newness in the screenplay. The film revolves around two murder cases. The movie ends when the murderers kill the murderer. The first half of all the fun sequences, comedy. Twist is interesting before interval. The second half of the flashback is going on in the background. Ravi Swamy's entry as ACP Karthikeya .. Ravi Marc Hungama is a lover of audience. The second half of the story is critical because of the lack of comedy. Climax is routine.
How are you ..: Ravi Teja appeared in the role of two shades. He was impressed by his well-chosen police roll. He plays as Police. Comedy has acted in the role of showing his mark in action scenes. Rashekhanna .. laughing with Ravi Teja. But she will not appear on the second off. The role of Seirat is not very important. It would be nice if villanism was stronger. Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh, Jeeva and others have laughing and laughing.

Technically cinematic Chota K Naidu's camera performance is good. Mani Sharma's background score has passed away. Construction values ​​are good. Director Vikram Siriroda is the first film to hit the star hero like Ravi Teja. Srinivas Reddy, Ravi Reddy, and Dialogues provided by Maulana Keshav are some of the worst.
Plus points
+ Ravi Teja
+ Comedy,
Minus Points
- Routine Story, Screenplay
- The role of the villain is not strong
- Climax