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Visakhapatnam, February 26 (News Pulse)
A special plenary on the third day social icon was part of the Investment Partnership Conference (CII). The event was attended by Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living. Speaking on this occasion Chandrababu Naidu said that Happy Andhra Pradesh is working for the achievement. . Development and welfare programs are being implemented with all resources. There is a discontent among the people that the central assistance does not come right to the state. Andhra Pradesh is doing the level of Power of Innovation. Whatever technology you have done, it's good for the people's happiness, and ultimately the satisfaction of the people is important. We are working on the all rights which are reserved. With technology, people are looking for solutions to problems. We are working on solving problems through complaints to number 1100. We are trying to know their problems on Google's behalf. The division of the state has not been done reasonably. There have been many problems after partition. After the division, there were difficulties. Soon the storm came and destroyed. Now the Visakha is seen as a beautiful city. The bus stayed in the regime.

People are unhappy with the Center not implementing the guarantees given to AP during partition. Those who gained illegally were not satisfied with the CM. Everybody wants to grow in their field. The CE suggested that each person should be given some time to increase his values. Habits, predators, and slavery are gradually damaging. Bill gets to live with tensions during his earnings. I am very happy  to start serving now. There is joy in service. Mobiles are used for unnecessary items and we do not need unnecessary information to increase our strokes. Chandrababu suggested that if a smart phone is available, then many people can come home. The family values in our country are nothing else in the world, he said, "We are an emerging country and we can use resources to succeed. The country, people are changing and politics should change. Happy sundays were made to bring happiness to the people.