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Palamuru,February 7,(
The beneficiaries are looking forward to 'prop' across most of the state. The victims are moving around gram panchayats. 'Sarkar did not get money from us. What will we do? " The victims are questioning how the shortage of pension money in the state of surplus is being questioned


Older people, disabled people and widows were delighted if the TERS government came to power and doubled the pensions. But the month is not the situation. At the end of the month, pension money is not paid to the beneficiaries. It also did not do so since December. Minister KatieRar Jaffee who recently came to Mahbubnagar to pitch the punch on the grounds of the story of the aunt Kodala and clapping.

Even though it is good, the pension is not a month, but it seems that the elderly, disabled people and widows can not get into the mouth. There are 63,874 elderly people, 7,421 widows, 2,291 disabled, 3,394 handloom workers, 1579 Kallugita workers, 3019 beedi workers and 7,073 single women. Under this pension, the government provides Rs. 22.29 crores each. The pension is now pending in December and January. Thus, the poor living on the picnic basis are getting worse with the money being delayed. Asked by the authorities' report to the government. Funds will be released in two to three days. A few days ago, the District Panchayat General Assembly was also concerned about local people's concerns.