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Chittoor, February 16, (Way2newstv):
The tragedy occurred in the village of Palameneru Moram in Chittoor district. Eight laborers who went to clean a septic tank in a private hatchery fell into sub-mortal mortality. Seven people died. Another situation is the poison. Seven killed workers Reddy, Ramesh, Ramchandra, Kesava, Govindaswamy, Babu and Venkata Raju have been identified. Another worker is being treated at the Shiva Chittoor government hospital. The doctors who examined him were shocked by the condition of Shiva.


On Friday morning, four workers were drained into the dump age by the orders of the Hecheries authorities. The drainage of the chemicals coming from the Hecheries, the four of them lost consciousness. Four others who tried to get out of them were injecting poisonous chemicals. The neighbors, who were on the way to the hospital, were shifted to the hospital, while four were on the way, another two in the hospital and another at Chittoor hospital. This tragedy struck the road. Minister Kamineni Srinivas expressed regret over the death of seven workers who were cleaning the sewage canal. The minister ordered the district medical officers to visit and monitor the medical services of the victims. The minister told the government that treatment was being treated at the government hospital. The minister told the district medical practitioners that they were taken to Tirupati Swims for better treatment for casualties. Hatchari Industries Minister Amarnath Reddy also expressed regret. The foreign minister visited the district collector and learned the details. The minister said that the government will be able to support the dead families. The minister has ordered the action on the company's ownership of the incident.