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Mahabubnagar, March 31, (
The asset papers in Mahaboobnagar district have become challenging. It seems that mainly government offices have been recovered. It is reported that it has been difficult to collect property belonging to the ongoing offices under the central and state governments. There are 775 government offices in the ten districts in the joint district. They will have to pay Rs 793.42 lakh for corporations in the financial year, including dues. But in the last 3 months, revenue officials have been able to fly around government offices and earn Rs 68.64 lakh. It is estimated that only 8.65 per cent of the total tax collections have been collected in the country. The tension prevailed in the relevant jurisdiction due to the absence of tax collection at the end of the financial year.

However, there are no grievances from government offices so far in Guwahati, wanaparthy and Ujala districts. Narayana Peta Corporation has collected Rs.3.7 lakhs from Rs 79.16 lakh in the corporation. The maximum number of government offices is Rs 405.08 lakh in Mahabubnagar and Kalawati. But now it has earned only Rs 56.40 lakh. The district SP office complex in Mahabubnagar paid Rs 25.31 lakh as property tax. Boddepalli Corporation is also paying a huge amount. The corporation paid only Rs. The Authorized Officers have been heavily taxed to collect the property tax of Rs. Six have decided to charge property taxes. Notices were also sent to the backed offices.