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Hyderabad, March 12, (way2newstv.com):
Medical education in Telangana seems to be in crisis. On the one hand, the dispute over the DME post continues,On the other hand, the dispute over the post of Osmania Dental Medical College Principal.accuses rising of crowned to the juniors in the name of the Incharge not for the seniors , and some of the affairs of the court have become the windstorm. To appointment the Telangana State Medical Education (DEME) did not take care of seniority. The court directed the Telangana government to appoint only the senior assistant professor level. Thus the DME post is in crisis. The senior assistant professor in the DEM post should be appointed by the rank of professor. However, some doctors who have qualified for the appointment of a junior doctor named Ramesh Reddy in the name of Incharge. Ravichandra is number 54 in seniority list. The Supreme Court has ordered a senior list of senior assistant professors to be appointed in the Principal posts of the DEME and Osmania Medical College. These appointments are to be held within ten days. On the one hand the DME post controversy, on the other hand, is the Principal Post of Osmania Dental College. Dr. Balletred was appointed Principal for this college. 


As he retired in the last month, Dr. Nagnander was appointed Principal of Incharge. He is already the Osmania Medical College Principal and Osmania Hospital Superintendent. In fact, the diploma for dentistry college must be appointed by a senior doctor who has qualified MDs (Master of Dental Surgery). But there was serious criticism about the appointment of a physician who did not have the same dentistry. Dentistes who came to know that some juniors were doing pirate for the post of these Princes. The court has issued directions to the government to appoint only seniors here. The Dental Council of India team will be given a sudden surveillance at the Government Dental Clinic in March. Take care of the facilities, teaching staff and other things that are in place. At this time the dentist should be the principal of the rules. Then the seats will come in good shape. Now there is an inconvenience to the physician who does not have a dentist. There are many people who are worried that this year is the risk of getting dental care. Many doctors are discussing that the Andhra Pradesh state medical department is running smoothly and there is no disorder in the name of Incharge. There are only senior assistant professors in DEME and Principal posts, doctors say. But there is allegation that the DMK post in Telangana has been disqualified from the inclusion of the medical college principal posts. There is also a number of disorders in the seniority list. Many doctors believe that justice will be done with court orders.