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Adilabad, March 19, (
The state government has issued posts sanction orders to basic health centers. The 2 basic health centers in the district, which were built from the 13th Finance Commission funded under the National Rural Health Mission in the financial year 2011-12, are ineffective. At present, the government has sanctioned 9 staff posts including doctors each. There are opportunities for appointment in two to three months. A new building was constructed at the Ibrahimpatnam Mandala Center in the ruins of the building. 

There were 9 staff posts in each of the centers of the Riyakali Mandalam Ondhigh Leyangpur, Kodala Mandal Island and Dharmapuri Mandalam. Regular posts are issued by Civil Assistant Surgeon, Community Health Officer or Public Health Nurse, Staff Nurse, Multipurpose Health Extension Officer or Health Educator, Pharmacist, Lab Technician Post. 63 new posts were issued by junior assistant, female nurse or male nurse, attender-cum-watchman under outsourcing. Regular posts will be replaced and replaced after new posts, medical and health officials said. However, the out-sourcing staff is to be appointed, and it can take two to three months.