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Hyderabad, March 14, (
Telangana state Chief Minister KCR has said that Telangana is the number one villain Congress. He struck down the Congress as an assembly seat. KCR was upholding the suspension of members from the Telangana state assembly and canceling the membership of the two members. Before the formation of the Telangana state, the Congress was a villain after the arrival. The Telangana Congress has been the cause of the Telangana devastation since 1956. Fearing Nehru, then Congress leaders accepted Andhra Pradesh. He criticized Congress leaders for putting pressure on the position. The movement began in 1999. Thousands of hours were discussed. In April 21, 2001, the movement of Konda Laxman Babuji's residence was initiated and Telangana was named as the villain No. 1 Congress for the destruction of this. He said he did not say this without responsibility and since then the Congress has been in the same situation since then. In 1969 also the Congress called the villain. He said that the cause of the malady movement was Congress. Delhi Sit means Sit... Stand is stand. Asked if Delhi should be allowed to resign from the resignations, he asked. On April 27, 2001, the TRS emerged from the formation of the Congress itself. Jana Reddy was put on Telangana Forum and the crossover Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy was postponed as minister. Chinnarreddy made the Telangana state coordination committee and Rajasekhar Reddy bhajan. During the movement, many of the Congress leaders spoke with magazines and read the CM KSR. The then Congress leader also did not object if the then CM Kiran Kumar was given a single paisa to Telangana in the Assembly. It is the Congress of the Congress on Telangana. This is about Telangana. Why is it that the Congress party is so impatient to say how many days will it be organized? "KCR questioned.

If I was compromised on Hyderabad, Telangana came four years back. He said the political stability of the movement was just as important as how it is to bring Telangana into the movement. We have tried to collapse our government. We are working 100 percent unselfishly. All the line tenders are contracted to anyone. Komati Reddy also worked for their companies. He said some of the air is being promoted as corrupt. There is no truth in the Opposition saying that the government has lent over Rs 1 lakh crore in four years. The state debt of Rs. 72,000 crores for Telangana will be Rs. 1.42 crores. RBI's intelligence on every paisa would be intended to be done by the governments' willingness to do so.