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Anantapur, March 23, (way2newstv.com):
The night of the Gandhian Way drain on the 54th package near Kanapatram village in Mandal area was broken. The canal bridge at the water level is also halfway down. On 16th of this month, the Hindustan MLA Balakrishna released the Gollapalli Reservoir water from the Hindu Hill Bridge Canal by the time of Harindini. The next day after release, the Haripur farms were shifted to the canal due to lift in the fields. This resulted in 100 cusecs of water being wasted. Prior to this, the bridge is under construction in the 54th package of the Kanapatram village at a cost of Rs 20 lakh. There was a stream in the stream. Moreover, the bridge collapsed.

Water washed out of the canal and other equipment, including equipment and equipment, washed away. Do not mind if the contractor says that the bridge is still under construction. Initially the water was wasted and the authorities failed to take action. From the Gollapalli Reservoir to the Hindupur, the lifts and bridges are being established. Unsurprisingly, the water was released. The 54th package of Harindini deputy engineer Narayana Naik said that the works under the 54th package are underway and the water released from the Gollapalli Reservoir to the Hindupur Branch Canal was released without investigating the works.