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Warangal, March 5 (
Warangal district hopes once again in the wake of the election notification for Rajya Sabha seats. Three Rajya Sabha seats are vacant in the state. The end of the term of Rapolu Anand Bhaskar of Warangal district is ending. TRS leaders from Warangal district are looking forward to the Rajya Sabha seat. One-third of their efforts have already been hiked in Hyderabad.

TRS Party state general secretary Santosh Kumar has been campaigning for nearly one of the three Rajya Sabha seats in the state. TRS leaders say that one of the remaining two seats is likely to be handed over to Reddy or Dalit social groups. There is a propaganda campaign that another seat is rightly assigned to the BC Yadav Social Society. Yadav leaders of Warangal district are doing their efforts.

Rapolu Ananda Bhaskar For the joint Warangal district ,  is running out of office. Ashavahalu hopes that once again the Warangal district is likely to win this position. Especially the Chief Minister KCR is a propaganda campaign that the Rajya Sabha will certainly provide the opportunity for the Yadav community. The social networking TRS senior leader, Rajya Yadav, is already under consideration. While Rajya Yadav is the state's chairman, he is also likely to look into some of the other candidates of the same community.


Sangamreddy Sunder Raj's name is strongly known as the head of educational institutions of the Yadav community. Sunderraj played an active role during the Telangana movement. His fans say that Rajya Sabha seat is worth all the way. Sundar Raj, the son of the late former minister Sangamreddy Satyanarayana. A family with a political background from the drug is likely to come together. TRS Party is actively involved in taking up the programs and it is beneficial to have good relations with top TRS leaders.
Senior advocate, the founder member of the TRS Party, has come up with all the opportunities for the Gudimalla Ravikumar. The Warangal Lok Sabha Ticket was almost finalized during the by-elections. KCR is himself going to the tea party to Ravi Kumar's home and give him the promise that he would stand up. Ravi Kumar was appointed chairman of the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights. But before it took office, it came up with legal reasons. This is why Ravi Kumar is likely to get a seat in Rajya Sabha this time.

Takkallapalli Ravinder Rao, who has been promoted to the recently elected Secretary of Warangal District, has been in office for a long time. Party leaders say he is likely to consider the Rajya Sabha. However, the party's state secretary Santosh Kumar is in the background of the Rajya Sabha's almost possible butIt is also heard that Ravindar Rao of the same social group has no prospects. This is the same opportunity. Some other leaders are doing their part in the collaboration with their political guru at Hyderabad level.