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Hyderabad, March 31, (way2newstv.com):
Sukumar Cinema means just like a test of intelligence. He make the story without understand to the viewer..and make trouble to understand to the viewers? That's the talk. In the latest film theater, he took the story of a simple village story. It is said that the story was long before the 1980s. Sukku also said that he would not come to the film with big expectations. However, the story dates back to the 1980s, but it dates back to the 1950s-60s. It was a form of perfection. But in this modern technology, it has become very successful in showing us a new world that has been tied to the old time in which people are forgetting human relationships.

It is a big adventure for the youngsters to kill a brother with a small point of revenge and killing the audience for a three-hour ride. But the great technician in Sukku has succeeded in this regard. This sequence has been overtaken by Sukha Fostaf for much of the time. In the 1960s, the story of 80s, the succinct and atmosphere in the atmosphere, the circumstances and the mood has been the ultimate success. But before he climaxed, he was succeeded by Suku Yu from the time of his death. From then on, he came to view the 2018 ascend to Sukku Climax, who took the viewer into old mood. The hero of the 1980s is a solution to the problems that he had in the 1980s and hence the perception that his cinematic perception of the film would be ended by 2018. In this case, Sukumar seems to be different from his own.