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Bangalore, March 20, (
Sasikala husband Natarajan death. Anna DMK leader V K Sasikala's husband M Natarajan is currently living in jail. The last few days he suffered a serious illness and he was treated for gleneagles global health city hospital in Chennai. The hospital issued a statement that Natarajan died at 1.30 pm after crossing midnight. Natarajan tried to help save lives, but the result was still in the hospital. Currently Natarajan is 74 years old. Natarajan had a kidney transplant surgery last October. However, on March 16, he was once again ill with family members at the Global Hospital. 

Doctors have identified the condition of infection. Since then, he has been placed in the ICU. Ventilator was placed on treatment. However, Natarajan had closed the air tube and the situation was highly vulnerable, he said. Natarajan died after midnight passing. Natarajan's body was taken to a residence in Besant Nagar in Chennai. Thanjavur is going to move home this evening. Tomorrow's funeral will take place. On the other hand, Sasikala applied for parole to see her husband suffering from severe illness. Today, he will be able to find a parole for Sasikala. Natarajan, who worked as a Public Relations Officer in the past, married Sasikala in 1975. He participated in the anti-Hindi struggle in student phase. He played an active role in the DMK. Jayalalitha served as a political adviser for several years.