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Hyderabad, March 20, (way2newstv.com):
Officials focused specifically on the Property Package collection of GHMC main financial resource. On the one hand,  the Independent Survey 2018 is to monitor a wide range of activities to increase awareness among people. The asset collection is essential to overcome some of the financial crises that prevailed in the past as large projects like SRPP and double bedroom are taking place. Balti officials who collected property tax of Rs.1100 crore last fiscal year have collected a collection of Rs 1400 crore as a target. So far, over Rs 1,300 crore has been imposed on tariffs for field-level staff, as it has only 13 days to complete the current financial year. From time to time, the superior commissioners and expatriates officers in the circles have taken special steps to review the collection and improve the collection. 

Officials are expected to collect more than a hundred crore rupees over the last year, even if they do not collect the tariffs in the next 10 days. 101 Before the elections, the government's decision would baldiyaku gained substantially greater. This decision helps to increase the collection according to the target target without raising property tax. The homeowners will have to pay two or three times more than Rs 1,700 on the grounds of the land, building utility, the whole area, and the Sunani survey conducted by the government to identify the tax short-term qualifications announced by the government. With the evolution of the poor and middle-class household owners, the dissident burden of the burden, and the political leaders are also divided.