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Hyderabad, March 16, (
The budget was disappointing the poor people. There is no budget of the public for the thoughts, hopes and practices of the people. The proposed budget is uneven. TDP leader Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy said that the budget was not spent on the irrigation budget in the past. Funding for public welfare schemes is not expected. The government survey of 2014 should have 22 lakhs homes ... All the tie should take years. The great sheep and the sheep are lending money. The finance minister criticized the budget for the poor poor. In the KCR secretariat, we will agree with the words spoken above ... when ministers and chief go to the question how the Pai Ravi will happen.  Service Commission Provisions for Employment can be used to cancel. KCR is the TDP TEARS MARKER said ... it is a fake lie. Pawan Kalyan has been accused of indictment. Lokesh has not committed any kind of corruption but has made personal allegations. Panchayati Raj has the highest rating in rural areas. Pawan Kalyan's comments on Lokesh are strongly condemned.

In the year 2018, DSC asked letters to be issued for PET posts. You do not know the importance of exercising for physical and mental health. You have been told that in many cases your health and pleasure are just a workout. Many yoga gurus have been asked to serve and give them employment opportunities. In the Third Letter to provide social security for the merchants and allocate funds for the budget federation to their welfare. The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Project has written a letter asking for the job security and outsourcing of contract, outsourcing and part time employees. The Amarajeevi Sri Potti Sriramulu Jayanti celebrations were requested by the state government to be officially organized.