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Tirupati March 14, (
As part of daily checks, the task force tasks headed to Kalyani Dam from Srivari Mettu have observed the existence of smugglers in the area of ​​copper. The two teams split up and continued to combing. Thirupathi division found 10 people smugglers in the forest area of ​​Bheemavaram Beatta. They tried to catch them and tried to attack the Task Force personnel. On the other hand, the vigilantes have been informed on the other side that they will stand on one side. RI Chandrasekhar, who received information, moved to another spot. In the meantime, the crew crashed out of the red carpet to escape the smugglers. The two smugglers, Satyawale and Babu, were arrested by the police in the Krishnagiri district of Coimbatore. Five of them have been recovered from the Red Fort. For the escape, the forces continue to fight. IG Kantharao, Garu and SP Ravi Shankar congratulated the crew who smuggled smugglers on the sloping hill.