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Kurnool, March 6, (
Villages are migrating to the cities. in the past , well-settled families are also moving to cities.The lands that are cultivated in the rainy season on November 2015 now refer to the desert.villages of silent climate are referring tear tales.Underground water have fallen down. The crops were completely disappeared. Farmers and laborers are unemployed. they are moving to cities and keeping their kids and old people at home as a guard to home.In the Bikotto constituency B.Kothakota, Kurabalakota, Muralith Samudram, Majority, Thamballapalle and Moola Kalpana Mandalala are making drought. Many immigrants are strangled to work. One of the most well-known families is now going to towns and  joined as the daily wage laborers. Older people are working as guards.moving to Bangalore, Goa, Tirupati, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Working as workers in building construction work, as well as factories and ATMs, have long been a watchmans. Some are selling panipuri on roads, while others are doing business with footpath. Bayram, motuku, badikayalapalle, gummasamudram, burakayalakota, maddinayunipalle, caudasamudram, sompalle, nayuniceruvupalle, gudupalle, kalvapalle, ramanayak Kalra, Bandak Kalra, kudumuvaripalle, vaddivankatanda, mandalavaripalle, mudivedu,kanasanivaripalle,siddareddigaripalle,tummalapalle, bhadrayyagaripalle, guttamida sayibulapalle, pattenvandlapalle, madumuru , Prosperity, goddess Pakota, burugupalli, kathegalu, over the countryside, maddayyagaripalle, tummarakunta, Kandukur, tisadum, gopidinne, kannemadugu, arasanipalai, kotakonda, quotas, arentanda, thamballapalle, dinnimidapalle panchayats vellai kurabalakota migration zone tummalapalle 47 families more families. 


The population here is 282. 32 families migrated. The families of these families are working in Bangalore and Hyderabad cities. Their work is to pitch the powder to the cable. Children from families who have migrated are staying home. Adults have come to the house of hand and come to work for a few days again. There are 62,461 laborers with job cards in six mandals in Thamballapalle constituency. The officials are employing only 15,749 laborers. In this year, the worst jobs were in the B-Kothakota zone. Here are 11,759 job laborers and 2,027 laborers. The conditions of the migration of cities to work could not be done.