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Hyderabad, April 23, (
In Telangana state to join UG courses in degree colleges comprehensive guidelines have been issued for online counseling - DOST which is held by the government .These guidelines about seats, admissions, reservation, qualifications, committees.The PMU has been set up with 9 members to oversee the Dost counselling of the Degree seats replacement.The polytechnic completes can be entered in the course straight in the degree. They can reach other medium in English medium, but they should be educated in regional languages ​​until they reach the level of regional languages, as well as a coordinating committee in higher education, a coordination committee in higher education and coordination committees and universities in all districts. The government has suggested setting up a helpline at college level. For those who have read 60 per cent e-commerce in B.C. seats, the remaining 40 per cent will be allocated to other students.

50 percent of the BA will be allotted to social groups and 50 percent to other groups. . 85% of the total seats are reserved for locals and 15% for others. 15 percent for SCs, 6 for STs, 7 percent for BC-7, BC-10 per cent, 1 percent for SE Group, 7 per group for De Group and 4 per cent for E Group. Reserved candidates who have won seats in merit will not be considered in the respective reserved groups. Their seats are considered merit candidates. If seats in SC are left in the STI and STI seats, the seats will be replaced with SCs. If seats remain, they will be replaced in general flowers. If BCs remain in the seat, then from any group, Bee will be examined from there. If the seats remain, they will be transferred to the General Pool. 1 percent for NCC, 1 per cent for sports, 1 for Scouts 1, Cape Cottage 2, VH-1, H-1 and OH-1 per cent. 33.3 percent seats were reserved for women. If any college has less than 25% seats for the last three years, the candidates who are allotted there will be transferred to a different college.