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Bhubaneswar May 31, (

Is it possible to break his castle which has nearly twenty years old ? Naveen Patnaik, who is a gentleman, The person who is far to contentions, Is it bad time to naveen patnaik who is a sensitive person? Is the BJP graph growing in Odisha? That's why the latest surveys. Surveys conducted by some media outlets recently show that the BJP strength will rise in Odisha. Naveen Patnaik is in a bit worried. It is not easy to defeat Naveen Patnaik simply. Amit Shah has been focusing on Odisha for the past few years. There the cadre was strengthened. The BJP is stronger than the Congress in the results of the previous local elections. With the BJP's rise in Odisha, Congress has become nominal. Amit Shah has repeatedly said that the cushioned jungle will be flown in Odisha. It is not known whether it will be possible, but the survey has shown that the party has some positive wave, and the Kamal Nats are happy with the joy of the party. Naveen Patnaik has been ruling the state for nearly 18 years. There is no slight scarcity in the kingdom. Naveen, who is just focusing on the development of the state, does not go to the center of central politics. 


Naveen is going for the 2019 elections. Naveen was recognized as the leader of the gates who immediately removed the mini fault in his cabinet. However, the Kamal party hopes that the government's opposition will come to power and come into power. The party has already prepared an army named "Mo Booth Sub Se Mau Booth". On the other hand, Modi traveled to Odisha two days ago. Naveen rebuked the fire at the public meeting in Cuttack. Narendra Modi's 18-year-old son was nabbed. Fifty per cent of the water in the Mahanadi river was in the sea, but the rulers did not disregard for many years. Why the Inderra Project was not completed? After Modi's visit, the BJP has said that more Josh has increased. Amit Shah has already planned to be called Mission 120. Survey institutions also conclude that the BJP graph is likely to rise in the eastern part of Odisha. Some media outlets reveal that the BJP will come to power in Odisha in the 2019 elections. Hence the rise in the Kamalandanas. Can you come with Pattnaik? I have to see.