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Kadapa, May 2, (
There are vacant posts in key government departments in Kadapa. Many other officials have been forced to take additional responsibilities. The district collector's chair from the District Revenue Officer (DREO) seems to be the same. Almost all the chairs are visible on the lower level except the one collector. The district is not just a chair in high-class categories. The chair was evacuated after Step CEO Banu transferred. It was handed over to SDCI Eswaraiah. Zilla Parishad CEO Anand traveled on leave since November. Subsequently, the DDA was assigned to Rami Pandey Ramachandra Reddy for the last two months. After the retirement of Dravo Narasimha Rao, Babayya worked as a FAC for two months. Now Babayya retired with her retirement. Overall, the district administration was killed here. CSA PVO Venkatasubbaiah went to parentage six months ago. Subsequently, the SSA was responsible for the responsibility of DEO's STYLA DEO. It was recently handed over to the tour operator officer Vijayakumar, who is now removing the tourism charge from Vijaykumar and handed over to the paddy field Edi Rajasekhar Reddy. The district panchayat chief Subramanyam has gone to the end of last year as Nellore Judge's CEO and since then he has been serving as FAC. On the one hand the minority welfare, on the other hand, is responsible for the DPO. 


Although recently appointed as an DPO officer, he has not yet taken charge. ICDS PDD Raghava Rao retired while Mrs. Stephanie took over as the FAAT. She was also transferred to the state transfer and she was replaced by SDC Renuka with additional responsibilities. Recently Kadapa has been appointed as the Regional ICDS Paddy, but she has not taken any responsibility yet. Judge's deputy CEO is Reddy Auditorium, who is currently working as a member of the ATLA. The panchayat raj sage Nageshvarao surrendered to the government. He replaced him with additional charge of Narasimha Reddy. The chair was evacuated as BCC Corporation was working as EDG Ramachandra Reddy as he went to parent. At present, the FCC has been entrusted with the responsibility of SDCs. The chair was vacated after the District Civil Resources DSO Vijayarani surrendered to the government. Her replacement was Sowbhagya Lakshmi of Anantapur, who was appointed as FAC. Many chairs look like this. There is a problem in many places from Water Resources SA to various sections of the NGOs in Telugu and GNS. The entire Kadapa district administration is overwhelming and the problem is currently complicating. Every officer has become embarrassed to be drawn to desecration. The government has to focus specifically on this issue and appoint the officers.