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Hyderabad, May 21, (
The debate on mudragada steps to which side would go is in AP politics The surgeon has been stripped of the stampede movement by trying to provoke sentiments in Kapus! TDP leaders have been criticizing the YSRCP behind him and playing with the party's chief Jagan. At the same time, his meeting with Lakshminarayana, who was elected as the BJP president, was politically dominant. The key issue here is that the two are the same social group. The debate on the political steps of the Padamana Padmanabha, which has been worn on the shoulders of the Kappu movement in Godavari districts. He is now confident that he is positively towards the YCP. Particularly in the background of Kapoor's focus on social community voters, he is trying to invite him to the party. He is expected to contest from Pattadapadu in the next election. The seal seems to have come up with his son's political future as well. At present, it is politically prominent to go to Laxminarayana, who is the president of AP BJP's election. The BJP sources have said that they are talking separately. Both are better than the smuggling and the closest we are between the two communities. Soon after the meeting, the BJP national president Amit Shah telephoned and talked with the print. Large-scale speculation has begun after this over-surfing. 


According to Kapu's information, the seal of Padamana is not the possibility that the BJP is in the present. Many are expected to use social networks if the Madura is in the BJP. But he says he does not intend to join the BJP. It is known to all in the past that the BJP has worked in the BJP. Because of the connections with more than one, we are planning to make as many tickets as possible to the social community in tomorrow's election. At the same time, the efforts of YCP leaders are also intensifying. The leaders of the two parties are now very important for the community. That is why the leaders of both parties are offering offers on offer. The question is about whether the seal is going to be in the background. Even the BJP are waiting for strong leaders. At this time, they both took precedence over the meeting. On the other hand, the YCP also sent out new invitations to send the invitation. Enemy friend of the enemy. Politics in AP now revolve around the same principle. The common enemy TDP is for the BJP and the YCP. These two parties are focusing on the leaders against TDP. There are also attempts to turn the key socialist leaders towards them.