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Hyderabad ,May 21 (way2newstv.com):
BJP state president Dr K Laxman said that people in Karnataka have made a clear judgment in favor of the BJP and that the BJP, which has 40 seats in the past, won 104 seats in the Karnataka elections and that people have defeated the Siddaramaiah government with a win. Dr. Laxman  said, "If the MLAs voted on the basis of the spirit, Dr. Laxman said," The BJP government is all right. "Dr. Laxman said at the BJP city executive meeting held in Hyderabad. People across the country have been gaining popularity with the public welfare schemes and development programs implemented by Modi. Dr Laxman said the BJP would be able to flourish if the elections from Panchayat to Parliament to Parliament. Distress and had to deal with Congress, which made politics in Karnataka. Dr. Laxman  criticized the move of Karnataka MLAs to shuttle himself in the buses of a TRS leader. Dr Laxman clarified that Mindgum's politics were unfortunate to turn people's attention away.

If the BJP comes in Karnataka, it will be understood that the BJP will be strengthened in Telangana, "JDS Kumaraswamy, who will form the government with the support of Congress, will attend the swearing-in ceremony. The TRS party is going to be a Telangana JDS party, said Dr. Laxman , who is the leader of the Telugu Desam Party. Laxman said . Tunga tokkindani's government. He said that the city government would have to take care of the people of the state, but the TRS government has not fulfilled any good promise to the people, the double bedroom house, the Dalit chief minister, the Dalit community, the Kesi Two Page KCR, as the government failed to fulfill the promises of the Image education. Dr. Laxman demanded that the KCR government answer the people about Musi Shikshana, Hussain Sagar Pushkanana and Vishwanagam Guam. After the post election results, the TRS, Congress and Majlis parties are at risk of being a coalition, and the people have a chance to become a party Dr. Lakshman said. If all the people enjoy the BJP with Modi public welfare schemes and development programs, Congress and TRS are misleading people in the name of the alliance. Dr. Lakshman has said that the parties that support the MIM will need to win the BJP to secure TRS, Congress and Hyderabad. Dr Laxman  said that the situation is clearly visible as the CM KCR is giving the Congress the power to corrupt. Dr Laxman also criticized the ghastly vedas and said that the party has been fighting against the BJP for the latest team with disagreements.
Dr. Laxman  expressed hope that the BJP would expand to the door, while workers, peasants, unemployed, marginalized and weak sections of the people were coming together to the BJP, who had plotted and conspirators but the victory of the BJP in Telangana in the elections.