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Kurnool, June 25, (
In the wake of the karif season, in the midst of the drastic changes in the atmosphere, there is an unexpected rise in the intensity of sunshine, and on the other side, the crops that are sprinkled with snails are drained. This year, the district was flooded with rainfall before the arrival of the martyrskari. The farmers enthusiastically started the Kharif season. Seeds, especially cotton, kandi, and other crops like wheat, are sown.  The farmers are looking forward to arriving at the sky and waiting for Varunadevi's arrival. The weather has been cooled for irrigated rains from the 1st and 12th of this month and the favor of agriculture. However, due to man's errors, the environmental equilibrium affected the rains to face. Environmental equilibrium was severely damaged due to the urbanization of the  green trees, especially in the towns of Contrique jungle, and greening disappeared. 
While the Nallamala forests are densely covered in the east of the Nandyala region, the southwest monsoon has not been rained due to the lack of  activity towards the state. The plants that have been supplemented with crops are in the phase of the stomach, with severe heat and warm weather due to the atmosphere. Farmers are delighted that they can save some of the crops wearing in the rainy season. In spite of the fact that the cost of sowing seeds for farmers is deteriorating and waiting for Varunadevi's arrival. The total area of ​​the district is 6.5 lakh hectares, whereas in the Kharif season, 3.6 lakh hectares of rainfall and crops are cultivated wherever irrigated. In the Kharif season, the rainy season is cultivated with cotton, groundnut, khadi and chilli crops in ten per cent of the farming area of ​​the 3.50 hectare farm. Meanwhile, there are no indications that the crop is grown with radical changes in the environment. Last year, the Lord had to save the farmers who were willing to bribe the farmers to recover their losses in agriculture and trust in Varuna God. It is unlikely that after two days of unexpected change in weather conditions, it is not possible to get wet and dry. When the rains fall, the crops will grow. In case the crops are not cultivated, the ruling government is likely to suffer a serious blow to the election year. Whatever farming, the situation is not to be seen in the form of  three flowers and six fruits of them.