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Chennai June 23, (
What is the place where nothing is left? Let's make an experiment. The work out is good though. Otherwise, nothing is missing. This is the idea of ​​Congress party. Now there is a debate across Tamil Nadu. Makkal Neidhi's mayyam  son-in-law and actor Kamal Haasan has been floated in Delhi to go straight to Ten Jan Path. Kamal Haasan has publicly opposed the BJP. That is not the Congress that has ever supported it. Recently Kamal Hassan Sonia and Rahul are part of a separate debate in Tamil Nadu. The Congress also hopes to take Kamal Haasan's support in Tamil Nadu. The Congress hopes that it will be useful in the formation of the government if the next elections are to be held in Tamil Nadu. But DMK executive chairman Stalin is looking at all party affairs now as Karunanidhi's health is restricted or better. Karunanidhi did not cope with Stalin. 
Stalin is unable to show his strength in the Rae Nagar by-election. The Congress has the idea of ​​setting up Mahakootam in Tamil Nadu next election. The party's idea is that it should be able to get more seats with being the largest state. In DMK, DMK has a strong vote bank. There is cadre. In addition, Rahul's idea is that he is even more strengthened as he joins Kamal Haasan. That's why he gave the appointment to Kamal Haasan rather than the appointment. After Rahul, Sonia also took the lead in discussing state politics with Kamal. It is said that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul had given appointment to Khushboo Kamal Haasan, who is the national spokesperson for the Congress party. In the next election, the BJP and the AIADMK can not compete, but not all. The concept of Congress is to take Kamal with good craze in Tamil Nadu. But DMK leaders are unhappy with Kamal's meeting with the Congress leadership without knowing it. The party is serious about joining Kamal that he is not a good relative of Congress for years. However, Congress leaders are not saying that political issues are not discussed with Kamal. The Congress idea to set up Mahakutami in Tamilnadu in the Lok Sabha polls in the overall election is to be seen.