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Warangal, June 13, (
In the Warangal district of the Palakurthi seat, the politics are unpredictable. As elections are approaching, there are changes in the movements of the ruling TRS party leaders. In the next election, the MLA Errabelli Dayakar Rao has gone to the other constituency and another leader Thakallapalli Ravindar Rao is trying to get away from the constituency. Thakallapalli Ravinder rao is in the party headquarters to give him a ballot ticket in Errabelli district. In fact, the Congress and TRS leaders tours in the constituency of the ruling party are campaigning. Emperor Errabelli Dayakar Rao is widespread in the elections to win the election and seek to get a ministerial post. Errabelli's wife also participates in an event in every day's constituency. At the same time Congress leader Janga Raghavareddy is also active in the constituency. 
However, the ruling party of the Warangal district is expected to be the presidential ticket. In this case, the pieces are in the constituency. It seems like the water is running out of it. If the ticket is not given to him, he said that he would contest as an independent candidate. He is making these remarks to put the Errabelli in tension. Being the same social group, the KCR is well versed at the same. Special funds were also sanctioned for this constituency. The TRS party is the name of the old cadre of the Telangana Movement activists ... It has been supported by TRS candidate N Sudhakar Rao, who lost to Errabeli in the last election. Freshly .. Thakkalpalli Ravinder rao seems to be working for this community. In this order, the members of the community have been shouting and distributing vehicles from the constituency on the occasion of Harisravu's birthday. However, in the Telangana way, the politician is not a party in the election. Errabelli is very good in the district. In Telangana, the Warangal district is strong enough to win on behalf of Errabelli TDP. In the 2008 by-election, Errabelli won the Warangal MP.