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 New Delhi, June 13, (
The unity of the BJP in the 2019 elections is very clear in the Opposition. From the UP polls to the Karnataka results, the strong opposition parties are  strong against the BJP. The unity between the parties is now important. In this order, there is a reconciliation between SP and BSP in UP. If the support of Akhilesh is up to Chief Minister, the SP is ready to promote Mayawati as PM candidate. Even in Bihar, the BJP situation is going to be bumpy, and soon the pieces seem to be unnecessary. There is also a need for reconciliation between regional parties. The situation in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is okay. And, in the case of Telugu states ... TDP is ready to unite against the BJP in Andhra Pradesh, it is unlikely that we will be able to meet hands and watch hands. In Telangana, the BJP is contesting solo. But, the results of the expected level of the party here are now doubtful. In a state like this, the situation where everyone is meeting against the BJP, it seems negative. 
According to this, this is a great plan to identify 400 seats in the country and to face  same positions in the seats, i.e to put up a single opposition candidate against Bhajan and other parties to support the candidate. This strategy aims to do without a multi-faceted competition in the same place with BJP. There is a discussion that many parties are responding positively. It is a talk of the political scenario in different states, but it is likely that there is a possibility of adjusting against one of the major parties to the BJP. It is not possible to unify the one-on-one contest in 400 seats against the BJP. This is because unexpected combinations are possible before a strong goal of giving the BJP a chance. In addition, we have seen in Karnataka where all the major parties in the country come to the same stage. That's where the alliance is laid. In this case, the Congress party should play an elder. Rahul should leave the Prime Minister's dream. The Congress is also supporting the strategy of putting up a single candidate with opposition support against BJP in 400 seats. And whether or not the Congress will take the initiative in that direction. But the Congress decision here does not affect this strategy, because the Congress needs to run along regional parties. On the whole, it is to say that a stronger goal is not to give a chance to the BJP in the 2019 elections.