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Seetha ramuni kosam movie review - Rating and Public Talk

Seetha ramuni kosam movie review:- Tollywood new movie Seetha ramuni kosam.Sharath Sreerangam, Karunya, Anil Gopireddy Mail role in this movie.Family Emotional Thriller Movie.
Title:- Seetha ramuni kosam
Genera:- Family Emotional Thriller
cast:- Sharath Srirangam, Anil Gopi Reddy, Karunya Choudhary
Music, Direction:- Anil Gopi Reddy
Producer:- Shilpa Srirangam

Harrar movies that have become a formula on the Telugu screen have recently been reduced to some degree. However, this Friday's horror thriller 'Sita Ramuni' has come up with the audience as it is still very popular with those janar films. Just like the horror of the regular horror movies, not only the fear of suspense, but also the emotional, sentimental scenes, Sita Rama?

Park Psychologist Vikrant (Sharath Srirangam) comes from America to America. Vikram will find a villa here for his sister-in-law's baby. However, he finds that there is a problem in the villa and he wants to solve the problem himself. Vikram, who has experience in understanding the spirits of the parasites as a paragologist, finds that there is a small sinful soul in Anjali standing at his home. Vikram is suspected of having a soul and another spirit. At the same time, the soul in the villa is trying to say something to Vikram. Vikrant also attempts to find an old owner Ram (Anil Gopireddy) to find out what happened there before the villa. Who are the souls in the original villa ..? What did the souls say to Vikram? What is the relationship with the old owner Ram? That's the other story.

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Way2newstv Rating:- 2.75/5

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