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Warangal, June 20, (
 The problems in the Hanmakonda government maternity hospital were raged. Problem is welcome to the pregnant women at every hospital. Drinking water for at least is not available. At present there are 100 beds in the hospital and the doctors are serving the 170 pregnant women. The number of pregnant women in the hospital has increased due to the KCR kit. The problems became more serious. Doctors have been treating pregnant women among the few hospitals. Pregnant women who have been traveling for hours are not having at least one sitting  chair or a bench. All of them are in the hospital camps in the sun and in other areas. Pregnant women are suffering for scanning and their reports. As staff members ask for scanning reports to come next day ... they are okay. Pregnant women are questioning how to come from distant places. Scan reports have been requested to come early. 
The number of pregnant women has increased after the government announced KCR scheme. It's likely to grow further in the future. There is no proper treatment in hospitals for pregnant women at the Hanmakonda Government Hospital. The number of pregnant women has grown up and the doctors are unaware of what they do. The KCR scheme is a very good program for pregnant women. It is a curse for them because of lack of proper facilities in the hospital. There is a serious shortage of doctors and staff in the hospital. Three doctors are not coming to task for various reasons. There are no good staff in different disciplines. This is why the medicine for the child has become a saga on the knife. They do not want the government to ignore the demands of the doctors and staff. Provision of infrastructure in public hospitals .. The children and their relatives feel that the goal of the KCR scheme will be fulfilled only when the number of doctors along with the number of physicians is increased.