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Nalgonda, June 21, 2018 (
The TRS party is going ahead as the 2019 general election target. Part of this is strategically moving. On the one hand, while implementing development and welfare programs ... on the other hand the party is strengthening. Ministers, MLAs and MPs will also be constituted to constituencies under the direction of Chief Minister KCR. Ministers, MLAs, MPs, and public representatives have been in the constituencies for the past two to three months and are monitoring the implementation of government development and welfare programs. Furthermore, the recent rise of the farmers' scheme, which has recently come up with the pink leaders. Lata, who was previously in Hyderabad and overseen district and constituency programs and works, is now going to the field and is reviewing the situation from time to time. According to the instructions of the Chief Minister  KCR, the constituencies are limited to the district and constituency. In the 2019 elections, he was engaged in writing strategies for success.

There are some disadvantages among the activists who have taken up the activities of the government ... We have also directed the leaders to identify the party and guide the party. On the other hand the farmer coordinator in rural areas was also asked to use party cadre for party activities. The CM Relief Fund also wants to see the constituency MLAs or incharge beneficiaries. The Chief Minister has ordered that ministers and MLAs have a responsibility to ensure coordination between the party cadre and the welfare and development activities of the people. In the 2019 Target, the pulpit has been able to win all his power to win the party. But to what extent you will have to wait.