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If you have dare come kadapa

Praveen Kumar Reddy, the chairperson of Kadapa Steel Plant Practice, has been criticized by film director Rangopal Verma. Verma questioned that there were only fake killings? Somewhere to fly to Mumbai and not to speak from there .. Sadhal wanted to come to Kadapa and talk to him.He said straightforwardly that he came to Vijayawada. He is criticized for his films as a villain. In the past, Bezawada was shown as a round-robin centre and warned that the people's sentiments would be damaged.

The police had to register the case and immediately asked Kadappa to stop the cybercrime. Rayalaseema is a fake film. Rangopal Varma is really doubtful whether or not he will be put on the Telugu soil. Pongo is a racopole worm who is enjoying the grief of the other.To understand the history of Rayalaseema and to speak out and say that the leaders like Rayalaseema have been in politics and have become President and Chief Ministers.