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Hyderabad, Jan 24, (way2newstv.com):
The police arresteda gang of fake birth certificates. MaloGigiri S Vote, Vasanthalipalur police have been detained for thirteen people who are absconding. Some of the accused are Outsourcing employees in GHM, while others are your employer's employers, their agents and brokers. Five thousand rupees will be bought for one Birth Certificate.

                                             A GANG OF FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATES

According to the information provided by the gang, the police arrested the fake certificates. Fake birth certificates, laptops, computers and 13 mobile phones have been seized from the accused. Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat said that special teams have been set up for fraudulent certificates and other gang members who are absconding. The details of the case were revealed by the SO Tee O Decoai Operation. In the market, fake birth certificates are targeted by targeted individuals with targeted agents. From 991 to 2010, 2122 fake birth certificate certificates were made.

 Health Assistants Adappedi Raja, Ram Krishna, Chittekala Babu, Reddy Nani Babu were arrested. Another 10 people are on the racket. The investigation revealed that the gang has earned Rs.15 lakh through these fake certificates. Hospital has created fake certificates that were born in some private hospitals. He said that these births are being created for passports and private jobs. 5,000 kE three days of birth certificate. He also said that steps will be taken on those who receive certificates from the rocket.