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Mahabubnagar, Jan 29, (
The Chennakeshaswamy Brahmotsavas, which were in the town of Gadwala in Mahabubnagar district, started. These Brahmotsavas, which have a history of 400 years, are devoted to devotees. There are devotees performing special shrines.

The festivals held by the kings in the past are now held by the Mantralayam Mutt. Started this day, the pooja started with special pooja. Swamiji is in the temple premises on Hanumanad vehicle. The temple authorities have revealed the details of the celebrations till the third of February. On Friday night, SriLaulakshmi Chennakeshwaswamy will conduct their Kalyanotsavam and Garudhotsavam. At 9 o'clock on Wednesday, at 9 o'clock, the Mantralayam Pradhandri Subudhendra Teertha Sripadula is celebrated in Sriperagandaraswamy temple from Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt in Sarelliwaiti to Sri Venkateswaswamy Temple. On February 1, on the wedding day, on 2 pm, the Swami is celebrated. 3 is processed on the cylinder. Brahmotsavas conclude with the night Nagavalli and the god Visharajana puja.

The Chennakesava Swami Temple in the Gadavas has a rich history. According to historians, Somanadri was the king of the largest province after the Nizam kingdom in Telangana region. The old kings constructed and worshiped Chennakeshwaswamy Temple, which is located in the fort of Gadwala. For Swamy, the Brahmotsavas were held under the supremacy of 400 years. These festivals were then tailored to the glory of the region, history and glory. After the independence of the princely states of the Indian Union, the royal dynasty gave the fort to the government to set up the Degree College in Hyderabad. Chennakeshwaswamy Brahmotsavas were held every week for the royal family. Period of eternal poojas also stuck. At the time of the jatha, the temple was opened. Under these circumstances, the Mantralayam Mutt was taken over by the temple management for 10 years and brought back the jatha to the Gadhavas. Devotees are happy to come to the temple with the history of hundreds of years old, with eternal poojas.