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Bhadradhri, January 11, (  With the seasonal changes, the mosquito breed in Bhadradhri district has increased. In the evening, the mosquitoes are attacking the mosquitoes. They are suffering from anxiety disorders. There are various attempts to escape the mosquito bedside. By evening the mosquito battles were very common for people to perform acrobatics and chemicals and coils for their control. Many commented that the neglect of the rulers in the prevention and management of sanitation and mosquito breeding has become self-destructive.

The Kulex mosquito has grown in Bhadrachri and in Khammam district. This is the reason for the suffering of the poisonous people in the Joint District.Earlier, the district administration conducted the Priya Driver program to curb the spread of mosquitoes. The locals say that the mosques and village panchayats are obliged to perform the program as a result of the mosquito breeding. However, this program has long been abandoned. Many want to take steps to implement this once again.

The malaria divisions, panchayats and municipalities under the Ministry of Health are also taking measures for spreading mosquitoes. Gambusia fish in potholes, potholes in the potholes, spraying the larvae and spraying oil bills are said to be the result. There is a shortage of staff in sanitation and medical departments. The news is that the mosquito prevention measures are not effective. However, the top officials of the relevant departments are urging all the steps to prevent mosquito breeding and protect public health.