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Hyderabad, January 11, (way2newstv.com):  With a year and a half of the general election, all the parties in the state focused on the tribal vote bank. The two-year-old medaram is being converted into a venue for the Sammaka-Salaalamma jatha. The tribal community is planning to get closer to the tribals by gaining national recognition as the largest tribal community in Asia. This time Madhavaram Jatha is becoming a political stunt.
                  POLITICAL STADIUM

The BJP, TRS, and Congress are contesting to take up the credit in the account if the Center approves the national festival demand.The BJP, which does not mention this topic in the past, is now working hard to strengthen the local name. In the wake of several assembly segments in the state, as an institution reserved in the state, Madram is trying to tap the tribals by recognizing the national festive in the jathas and thus increasing its hold on those constituencies.

 To be recognized as the party in power at the center is the party's leaders in an effort to secure credit themselves. Prime Minister Modi has come to Hyderabad in November last year, while party spokesperson K Laxman has issued a memorandum and recently the party delegation invited four union ministers in Delhi. Some of the Union Ministers and several tribal MPs have been invited to come together in jatha.On the other hand, the TRS has also intensified its efforts. Along with the Minister of State for External Affairs Indrakar Reddy, Union Minister of State Juwal Oram, Madam asked to recognize Janatha as a national festival.

 The Union Minister, however, spoke to reporters with state BJP leaders. It will soon be recognized as a national festival, and UNESCO Heritage status will also be available. The Congress has also started its efforts to recognize the contest between the two parties.
Their leader Rahul Gandhi was invited to the jatha. He is trying to bring him up. On the other hand, state BJP leaders invited Maharashtra Governor Vidyasagar Rao and Chief Minister Devendra Pradhan. Many party leaders including party president K. Laxman went to Maharashtra and asked to accompany Governor Vidyasagar Rao. Then he told me to meet CM Devendra Fadnavis