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Hyderabad, Jan 31, (way2newstv.com):
The new Telangana Congress The same is the appointment of DCCs. Uttamkumar Reddy is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Botsa Satyanarayana. After the formation of new districts, the appointment of DCCs is being created in the Congress. The seniors to catch, the juniors for the future become challenging to the PCC to come to the challenge. Even though the DMCC has already worked on it, the dominant fight between the seniors in some districts has become a headache for the party elders. If the selection of DCCs is going to be cool, the North Telangana is getting ready. Karpala is angry that the PCC is cracked by the superiority of the serpent as the snake is angry. The PCC has decided to appoint new DCCs to 21 new districts which are now out of the old ten districts. The ragada started at the party.
                                 DISTRICT PRESIDENTS OF TELANGANA CONGRESS 

But with the suggestions from the AICC that it is unlikely that those who serve as DCCs will not be able to contest as MLAs, they have been reduced by a few backwards ... By the election, the formula has not been worked out and is now increasing. These are not very competitive in southern Telangana. All the seniors of those districts, together with a consensus, have almost completed the choice. But now the original panchayat has come in northern Telangana. The appointment of Karimnagar DCC in particular has become Hothat. Anyway the optimists are wrestling to get the DCC. PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy's brother Kaushik Reddy is asking us to give him a chance to replace Cuttack, who works as Karunanagar DCC. Former MP Ponnam Prabhakar, who has been strongly opposed to Kaushik's candidacy, has been continuously resuming the death toll of the DCC. Kaushik claims that he has the support of other key leaders in the district. This is the explosion of Ponnum-Kaushik. Meanwhile, former MP Shikara Rao Nikhil Chakravarti ... toy Sriram is in race too. They are also doing lobbying. The new District Commitments from Adilabad has been chosen by the DCCC for the selection. Already there is a further segment in the war party running between former MLC Premaskar Rao versus former MLA Aravind Reddy. In the case, the PCC chiefs are also split in the party. Atam and Bhatti Vikramarakam became their surname to be their representatives. 

This is going on with the Ignatiya and the Bhatti who are in the debate party that they are persevering. On the other hand, the old Warangal DCC station is also set to Same ... Former Chief Whip Gundra Venkataramana Reddy asks his wife Gundra Jyoti, the newly formed Bhupalapalli district president. However, it seems that some leaders are moving against her. Warangal Urban has a strong rivalry between Erbili golden ... Dayasagar. Paramala Venkatrami Reddy is expected to reside in Warangal Rural. If so, the DCC is already officially announced by the PCC Chief In Mahabubabad. With the consensus from the local leaders declaring Bharat Chandra Reddy as the DCC, the DMCC became the dominant among the three Chief Ministers in Khammam district. Renuka Chowdhury ... Succakkalukku pukulleti Sudhakar who are trying to maintain their superiority to make their followers try to build the DCC. At present, as a DCC, Satyam Bhatti is an accomplice. Former minister Vasantha Venkateswar Rao's son Raghava Decca is trying hard to be in the newly formed Bhadraheri new govt. However, Renuka Chowdary has been lobbying for his follower Edavelli Krishna DSCC from here. The choice was made to the PCC.