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Warangal January 31, (
Welcome to Yasangi .. All the government's preparations for the preparations are water bales .. Crop loans are not aware of the crop insurance. Rabi is preparing for a cropping up of debt. In the Warangal district, sanction of crop loan is one step ahead of two years.
                                                  NANA THANTAS FOR YASANGI

 The government's statutory contributions on farm loans are limited to paper. In some areas, the farmers' condition has become disadvantageous as some areas do not have to pay. Warangal Rural district has a debt of Rs 949 crore and only 424 crore rupees have been allocated to the farmers. In Warangal Arbhavan district, Rs 727 crore loans were given to the farmers and only 328 crore were allocated. Loans to 50 per cent of farmers have not been sanctioned. Bank officials said they would not be able to make new loans if the loans were not withdrawn. They say that Nathu is the one who cares to give loans for Rabbi crops. Rabi crop time will also end if the government loses loans. This does not mean that the money lenders are reluctant. The yacht is in the silence of the moneylenders for the sake of cultivation. Increased seeds and fertilizer prices are running through trained heart trains. The trainers have expressed no regrets on crop insurance.

 The loss of crops with natural disasters is going to be done in the hurry of farming. The prices of the petrol have doubled in the past, and if they do, they do not have what they have left. Agriculture officials say that every kind of farmers are encouraging farmers to cultivate Rabi crop. Farmers have been accused of failing to make farmers aware of the Prime Minister's Fasal Bima Yojana program. Farmers want the government to react to the crop loan and banks to make new loans.